Who are we?

The Gene Learning Association is a non-profit association.


Our association was born from the interest of our members in supporting and developing innovative methods of diagnostic and treatment of cancer. Over time, we plan to extend the application to other pathologies.


Three of our members are recognised researchers involved in the development of a promising method to diagnose cancer and other pathologies. Other members joined the association to learn and to share information about different approaches to treat cancer.


We are looking for funding for two projects:


  • First, the independent scientific project, which brings together three researchers, who have developed an efficient diagnostic algorithm using data from published and accessible studies. This Machine Learning method, based on innovative approaches to gene expression analysis, has shown exceptional results in independent testing. Now it is time to establish collaboration with research institutes to continue developing the method using larger samples.


  • Second, we aim to create a portal for innovative treatment methods and clinical trials to make information readily available to the public. Using our scientific expertise and personal experience with cancer, we will be able to meet a demand for information on innovative methods of cancer treatment and worldwide clinical trials.