Olga Fontanellaz

Olga Fontanellaz is a specialist in international development in public health. She has extensive experience in advisory and programme management roles, including working in some of the world’s most challenging environments, such as Papua New Guinea. Her expertise covers grant management and implementation of multi-million dollar grants, strategic management advice, resource mobilisation, partnership with government, private sector, NGOs, bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, and other key stakeholders. Olga is also a co-founder of the Swiss technological innovator INCAPTEK

Maksim Struchalin, PhD

Maksim is a scientist with over 15 years of experience in genomics. He holds a PhD in Genomic Data Analysis from the Erasmus Medical Centre University (Netherlands) and an MSc in Physics of Elementary Particles. Maksim is a CEO and Founder of Genomic Analysis, providing consultancy in genomics and performing bioinformatic analysis for customers in Europe, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Israel. Maksim also worked on a genomic animal selection project for Livestock Improvement Corporation in New Zealand, on genetic models for Miratorg Genetics, the largest agricultural holding in Europe, provided consultancy in genomics for animal selection for a large government-funded project in Africa, and found new genetic variants responsible for the disorder called “restless leg syndrome”.

Victor Guryev, PhD

Prof. Victor Guryev is an eminent researcher in bioinformatics and genome biology. He currently leads a research group at the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA), Groningen, in the Netherlands, working on functional molecular changes in the process of ageing. His research interests focus on the dissection of mechanisms of variations in the genome and genome function caused by ageing and the disease. His research is based on the integrative approach combining genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics on organismal, tissue and single cells levels. Victor is involved in numerous scientific collaborations across various biomedical research fields, including cancer, lung diseases, and ageing. He has published over 300 papers. Hirsch index = 39.

Tristan de Jong, PhD

Tristan de Jong is an up-and-coming young scientist in bioinformatics with a PhD in bioinformatics from the European Institute for Biology of Aging (ERIBA), Groningen (Netherlands). His research focused on gene noise and its implications in pathologies. During his studies, Tristan has worked with several research groups on cancer, COPD, neurodegenerative disorders and other ageing-related diseases. His current research focuses on improving genomic assemblies of model organisms and developing stoichiometric models that improve disease diagnostics. He is also working on his start-up TriGene.

Olga Derkatch

Olga Derkatch holds an MSc in Business Administration and a MAS in Economics & Finance from the University of Geneva (Switzerland). Olga has diversified experience in private banking and investment advisory roles for international clients and teaching finance and other subjects.

Errol Fontanellaz

Errol Fontanellaz has a versatile background combined with excellent interpersonal communication skills and a creative mindset. He worked in information management, communication and other roles for different organisations, including the United Nations and NGOs in Switzerland and Papua New Guinea. He also participated in the project dedicated to disappearing cultures and traditions He gradually developed a particular interest in alternative energy solutions, water restructuring, and innovative medical treatments.


Yuri Moshkin, PhD

Dr Yuri Moshkin is an internationally recognised researcher in gene expression control. He has over 20 years of experience in biological research, and he has contributed to over 50 peer-reviewed papers published in top-ranking journals (Nature Genetics, Molecular Cell, Genes and Development, ACS Nano, etc.), which, on average, were cited 56 times each (Hirsch index = 20). Yuri’s major research interests include gene expression regulation, epigenetics, biophysics, and nanobiology. His recent work focused on Machine Learning algorithms to predict human pathologies based on gene expression profile. Yuri holds a PhD degree from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, with postdoctoral studies from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where he led the research team. Based in Geneva, Yuri is a co-founder of the Swiss technological innovator INCAPTEK